What's New

We've added a new pay off calculation option that looks at the schedule to determine what's due. Helpful if you are using variable interest rates or have rate changes after the interest paid through date. Set this option under Admin -> Other Settings.
Currently under test is the ability to adjust the interest rate of a loan mid-period. We anticipate the completion of this feature in the coming weeks. We'll update the availability of this feature here when it is released.
We have renamed 'Deals' to 'Workbooks'. Deals were single spreadsheets that could be added and edited within a loan. Workbooks provide the same functionality but allow for multiple spreadsheets to be added. The next step in this process will be to make cell data within the workbooks available in other places in Bryt, like documents and custom solutions. If you'd like to use workbooks, please contact us.
The payoff calculator now saves the previously entered values and picks up where you left off. This is the first step to making the payoff calculator results available to documents and final payoffs.
If you are using construction budgeting and draw requests you can now take a look at all draw requests and their status in one location. See 'Draw Requests' under the 'Servicing' heading.
Welcome to our new "What's New" section. The intent is to give quick snapshots of new functionality so our cusomters can be in the loop of new features and what's around the corner.

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